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Music Videos

The Dirty Shirts - "Gin & Tonic"
Filmed by Cal & Aly
Produced by Claire Santa Maria
Styled by Claire Cassidy 
Makeup by Kate Yancey
Hair by Alex Raney

Elaina Kay - "Daddy Issues"
Filmed by Cal & Aly
Produced by Elaina Kay
Styled by Claire Cassidy 

Sweet Leah - "Bathroom Stall"
Filmed by Whale Tale Media
Produced by Sweet Leah
Styled by Claire Cassidy 

The Dirty Shirts - "Shake" (Animated Video)
Illustrated & Animated by Marisa Ann Brignole
Art Direction by Ashley Myrick
Produced by The Dirty Shirts & Claire Cassidy
Concept by Ashley Myrick & Claire Cassidy

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